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At Meebol.com we are on a mission to digitize SMEs in Africa through simple technology solutions.

We believe that if we can help Small and Medium Scale Businesses in Africa reduce their cost of operation while increasing their efficiency we would have successfully changed the African narratives. Over 90% of African households leave on SMEs.

Business is primarily about 3 things; People, Process and Products. To have a successful business these 3 Ps must be present and most SMEs leave out the middle P (Process) because it’s the most expensive and complex part of entrepreneurship.

While you and your people work tirelessly to build awesome products and services, we want to help you automate your business process starting from a simple website that can help you manage your account, receive payment, manage customers and digital marketing.

Most businesses fail not because of lack of resources but because of inability to manage their limited resources.

Every day at Meebol.com we wake up with the drive to see SMEs in Africa become smarter and more effective. Regardless of the size and type of the business you do, from a Restaurant operator to a Consultant we want to help you digitalize your business and increase your ROI.

We are not on this journey alone as we got the first boost of our life with the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation grant in the year 2016. We have carried out several market research and product development as a result of the $5000 grant.

If you own a Small Business or you are planning to start one, we can help you with a free website that can manage your invoice, customers, online payment and digital marketing. You have nothing to lose if you give us a try and a lot to gain.

I will say welcome to the Meebol.com train as we power businesses in Africa.

Meebol.com…Powering Businesses in Africa

Adika S. King

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Our Team

Adika S. King


Muyiwa Adebayo

Lead Web Designer

Adika Seto

Web designer

Happiness Godwin

Digital Marketer

Chidinma Okoro

Customer Support


Perhaps, you are thinking ahead of what we have now, no need to worry. There are several plugins or modules that can take you beyond our imagination.

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