Custom Design & Setup Service

We have one of the most exciting and highly customizable site builders on We and our partners strive to make life easier for our customers daily. Our builder is highly responsive and compatible with several other WordPress plugins and you will love to play with it. You can watch the how-to videos on our partners’ channel.

We also understand that you don’t want to bother yourself about building your own website or any setup you just want to focus on building your business. This is indeed the condition of most of our customers, you’re not alone.

We have a special arrangement for focus people like you. You can use our custom design and setup plan which gives our Experts the opportunity to build your website and set up all functionalities for you in 48 hrs at the fraction of the price you will get a custom design WordPress Website out there.

Our Custom Design Entails:

  1. Meebol Setup
  2. CRM Setup
  3. Invoice Setup
  4. HRM Setup
  5. Online Payment Setup (Paystack, Flutterwave, VoguePay, Paypal)
  6. Custom Website Design
  7. Banner Design.
  8. Email Setup
  9. Domain Mapping
  10. Free domain ( only)

You will be directed to the payment page after successful completion of the custom design form.