Setup & Template Customization

We provide template customization, setup and configuration services for customers who don’t want to go through the technical headache to get their website or store ready on time.

We understand you just want to focus on your business and not on designing a website or setting up your store. This is the reason we created this affordable service.

What we do in Template Customization and Setup Service

We edit and customize your chosen template to reflect your unique contents, colors, logo and other images.

We setup and configure your website or store functionalities like setup of payment, live chat, whatsapp integration, forms, social media integration.

We help with domain mapping, pointing your website/store to your custom domain name.

What we don’t cover in Template Customization service


Unique Custom Design

We don’t do unique custom design, complete redesign of the whole template or website to fit a specific idea of the client. This type of service can be gotten from our Experts.  Click here to talk with an expert.


Template outside Meebol

We don’t do template customization for website outside of the meebol platform.


Social media, Payment, etc

We don’t create social media accounts, payment gateway account or external platforms. Clients are required to create these external accounts by themselves and make available for integrations where necessary.


Graphics or Logo

We don’t design graphics or logo for customers under our template customization page. You can get this service from our Experts or Xigital Marketing.


Content Upload

We don’t upload data, either products or other data for clients under our template customization service.

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Unique custom design

Do you need a unique website and you’re having difficulty setting it up on Meebol? Contact a Meebol Experts to help you create a website that stands you out with everything you need to automate your business process.

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