Not owning a business website is like not owning a business at all. Except you want to do business in the dark, owning your website is imperative. Over 4 billion people use the internet daily. And the statistics keeps increasing every now. Owning a website puts your business on the world map. You can easily connect to your customers, showcase your products and services in real time and do transactions right from your website.

Businesses with websites have a 70/30 chance of success compared to businesses without websites. The reason is simple; they can reach more people.

New websites spring up every now. Businesses are taking advantage of the internet world, reducing cost and promoting efficiency.

Your business should not be left out.
The question then is: “how do I create my business website?”

1. What kind of website do you need?

If you sell, then you might want an online store where you can easier transactions. But not everyone needs an online store. You may just need a website, where customers can get information. It all depends on what you want. The more complex it is, the more money or costs.

2. Get a web developer.

There are many web developers these days. Check out freelancerupworkfiverr to find a developer that suits your business needs. 
You should be specific with what features you want on your website. Let your developer know the knity gritty details; don’t leave out anything.

3. Website builders

However, employing the service of a web developer may be quiet expensive, and time consuming too; so if you want it faster and probably cheaper, you can create your website with website builders like MeebolWordPressWix and Webflow.

It takes few minutes to create your website on Meebol. You don’t need programming or design skills; It’s a drag and drop system you can easily master. If you don’t have time for that easy job, you can as well request for a custom design and Meebol will design for you.

The process is pretty simple.

1. You choose your website plan.
2. Enter your website’s details.
3. Choose your template design or request a custom design.
4. You’r e on!

You enjoy a 30 days free trial. You can run a free plan if you want or upgrade within 30 days to a plan that suits your business.

It is as easy as that. Take a trial and get your business on the internet.

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